Bill Sabatini

Bill Sabatini

Bill Sabatini: Always an Artist

Bill Sabatini is a Pennsylvania native who has resided in the western US for almost 50 years. Retiring from his successful architectural practice in 2020, Bill Sabatini is now realizing a long term goal as a Fine Artist. Working in his own studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico and now free of the rigor and practical constraints of architecture, Bill enjoys making art with no rules and no expectations other than his own. He is inspired and influenced by the pure light, strong form, varied textures, dramatic contrasts, and vibrant color of the Southwestern landscape. He strives to create simple, memorable, emotionally charged imagery that continues to evolve.

Recognized for design excellence in architecture, his work was characterized by strong, simple form and a fascination with geometry and its inspirational power. His design aesthetic acknowledged an organizing grid but found its greatest success when the design violated the grid with contrasting angular shapes and soft curves. So it is with his art. With a passion for drawing, he interjects line as a means to create movement and direction but also as contrast in scale to simple planes and forms. Never afraid of color he revels in its ability to elicit emotion.

Bill Sabatini is on a new journey discovering art with all of its nuances but just as important is the opportunity to meet new friends and interact with new people along the way. He hopes to see you soon and often.

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