Curtis Salazar

Curtis Salazar is a young aspiring artist who has recently begun his creative journey. Fascinated by sacred geometry, Curtis began learning and drawing these all-encompassing patterns. After 3 years of researching, drawing, and experimenting with sacred geometry, Curtis knew these geometries deserved a metal medium. Having 9 years of hands-on experience in construction, he has quickly developed many skills in working with different materials specializing in metal. Each art piece starts with a blank sheet of metal and/or copper that is uniquely grinded to create depth and motion giving the portrait a stunning,moving backdrop. The portrait is then flamed at different temperatures creating a beautiful array of natural-occurring colors. Interlocking and concentric circles are then hand etched with a metal scribing compass to create the all-encompassing pattern known as the “Flower of Life.” From this pattern, Curtis extrapolates endless designs by masking and hand shading the final geometries. All frames are hand made using metal, copper and/or wood. Curtis is passionate to expand and evolve his techniques and the overall process of each of his unique works of art.

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